AWS Storage Competency
As an AWS Partner, Gekko is committed to optimize AWS Storage Solutions for our customers.

AWS Storage Solutions

Gekko has experience helping customers store data in the AWS Cloud, creating seamless storage across their cloud and on-premises environments to support their enterprise. We have been investing time, resources, and people into building solutions around AWS storage offerings to help our customers adopt and accelerate their use of the public cloud.

Disaster Recovery

We leverage RTO and RPO recovery strategies
to ensure full resiliency of our client’s assets.

Backup & Baas

We design and deploy backup solutions for our client’s mission-critical applications in conjunction with AWS storage partner solutions.


Gekko deploys customized archive solutions for
cost-effective long-term data backup.

Primary Storage

Recognizing storage as the foundation of a successful cloud infrastructure, Gekko leverages AWS for EBS, EFS, and S3 to build that foundation.

AWS Storage Partners

Cross-platform backup and disaster recovery built for Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier with no subscription fee. CloudBerry will back up your Windows, Linux, or Mac systems directly to your Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier account and provide easy restore with a few clicks.

Five-minute install and simple to operate with one-click failover, enabling recovery from downtime in minutes, with support for any physical, virtual, or cloud-based machines. CloudEndure creates an exact up-to-date replica for any source workload, and fully converts it to AWS format within minutes.

Migrate your file-based applications to the cloud: Achieve the precise performance, scale, and security each application demands.

Case Studies with


With 1000+ servers spread throughout France, the main goal of Transdev’s DR project was to reliably secure the servers running the most critical workloads in corporate data centers, at the lowest possible cost. After years of using a traditional on-prem DR strategy, Transdev decided it was time to look into leveraging the public cloud for DR. Several factors
went into this decision.

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As Bonduelle already had a complex IT infrasctructure, the main assignment of the project was to migrate critical applications to the AWS cloud.
The challenge of this mission was to “cloudify” the existing applications without using a “lift and shift” method, which would allow the IT team to start with clean versions of their applications and databases, documented and optimized for a cloud environment.

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As part of improving its security and control procedures, Finalcad wanted to automate backups of physical servers to a robust, scalable and secure platform while maintaining backups already made in the past.

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One of Netplus’ most important customers wished to transfer its connected objects’ data toward a secure infrastructure. The amount of processed data is large and can quickly grow. The customer wanted to use AWS for the objects and for the storage. Gekko helped Netplus adopting AWS cloud, trained the team and built the architecture allowing AWS data to transit towards the agreed hosting center.

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