Refacturing & DevOps

You’ve already migrated to the Cloud but the benefits of scalability are not forthcoming? You’ve been advised to set up a Devops organization but you lack operational skills?

Look no further: Gekko can help you!

Through its wide experience in many different DevOps projects Gekko has developped a set of beliefs :

The belief that using the Cloud without defining an efficient use of  services leads to an operational focus rather than to an alignment of the Ops teams with the executives.
Automation does not signify the end of human activities but the concentration of  dynamic forcestowards activities with high added value. This is why Gekko chose RedHat as lead partner of the automation and the platformization of infrastructures. This way, each Gekko collaborator is certified Ansible Tower and contributor of at least one automation or continuous integration tool.

The belief that the culture of “measuring everything” via an advanced monitoring allows for a massive increase of productivity.
Executives and developers have access to feedback as well as precise and reliable metrics in real time.
Coupled with simple and automated decision making, monitoring is becoming a formidable weapon in the search for applications’ performance and resilience.

The belief that we are living an unprecedented change of organizations requiring staff who have learned to learn and are able to question themselves  enoughto adapt to your constraints while improving them.
IT on-demand sold in convenience form forces every company to change their way of working: measuring everything, testing all the time (A/B methods, PoT, PoC, mock-ups…). Our consultants are expert in these methods, thus they can assist you in migrating gradually or quickly according to the set goals.

You think having beliefs is good but not enough? So do we! This is why we also have developed “Patterns”, in addition of our in-depth skills. What does this mean? We’ve developpe djust a layer of automation of infrastructure and middleware deployment within the provisioning of Cloud services. Unlike automation scripts specifically developed for each client during our missions, these patterns are common to all our clients. Thus you benefit from this expanding community while personalizing each pattern in line with your own jobs.

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