Netplus has been helping its customers for more than 20 years to build their infrastructures, to host and to run complex 24/7 platforms.
Netplus specializes in critical environments and delivers high availability services.

Netplus thus has to respect special requirements ; one of the most sensitive matters being data localisation.



One of Netplus’ most important customers wished to transfer its connected objects’ data toward a secure infrastructure. The amount of processed data is large and can quickly grow. The customer wanted to use AWS for the objects and for the storage. Gekko helped Netplus adopting AWS cloud, trained the team and built the architecture allowing AWS data to transit towards the agreed hosting center.


To accomplish this challenge, we have implemented a solution using :
– S3
– Lambda functions
– NetApp Storage Grid

The partnership with NetApp (MSP AWS Partner) and the usage of the Storage Grid solution allows us to present the NetApp storage bays living in the NetPlus datacenter as S3 end points.


The health data recovered by the final customer via S3 on AWS is now immediately migrated towards the NetApp S3 local appliance then erased. The customer’s system is now compliant with HDS norms and GDPR thanks to Gekko’s intervention.