Migration & Hybridization

It’s settled : You will use the Cloud to host new applications, create a development environment or replace production infrastructures and so on.

Great! Now all you have to do is select and implement.

Humm …

The first hurdle is that now you understand  fully what “too much choice” means. For AWS alone there are around instance families over 4 generations and often with 5 possible sizes, 3 pricing models, many different storage classes and hundreds of services – and all of thisover 42 availability zones  in 16 areas.
Your choice will impact the performance, the resilience and the cost of your infrastructure, i.e. your quality of service, your SLAs and your business case.

What you build in the Cloud does not work on its own. This is the second difficulty. You must continue to use  pre-existing applications and data set up in different systems in the company and which will likely stay there for years.

Why is why, among the decisions you quickly have to make, security and network need to be at the top of the agenda and both will interact with all your architecture choices.

Gekko can help you : 

People and technologies specialized in the Cloud for businesses

It’s simply impossible to know everything about everything. That’s why we’ve chosen to specialize in two platforms – AWS and IBM Bluemix – and to know them inside out . Our team is made up of young engineers certified with these platforms and perfectly comfortable with DevOps approaches but also of highly experienced engineers who are used to the issues of IT production in critical environments.

We’ll help you build an architecture able to take full advantage of all of the Cloud functionalities: scalable according to your workloads, adaptable to your organization, secure, resilient and maximizing the value-added services for your new projects.

Finally we set the detailed migration plan up  along with the data reloading  and synchronization toolsfor which we have the distribution and support agreements in France. Then we carry out the load capacity scaling operations with you.

A DirectConnect infrastructure to ease the setting up of a hybrid network within controlled deadlines

Extending your IT system to the Cloud can require to implement a DirectConnect (AWS) or a DirectLink (IBM Bluemix) service and to connect it to your WAN. The process can be long and expensive because of the multitude of operators and  the complex technologies it involves.

Gekko helps you choose the best options and align the different stakeholders. Gekko can also host you on its infrastructure located in Parisian datacenters which allow a quick access to Cloud exchange services by exempting you from managing your own active equipment.