Finalcad is a specialist of the numeric transformation of the building sector.

Finalcad is a construction management app & software. Finalcad helps contractors, architects and owners to perform in synchronicity, build quality projects and manage risk through solutions providing progress reports, defect management, quality controls and analytics.



Finalcad wished to automate the server’s backup in order to keep the existing backup on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
As their previous backup solution became obsolete and the company has decided to move its applications to Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud, it was natural to promote a cloud based backup solution.


Finalcad asked Gekko to implement a solution implementing individual restorations and full server backup.
The proposed solution should be simple to be managed by the customer teams and cost effective.
A short study and given to Gekko’s experience / partnership  with Cloudberry, the customer choose to implement that solution.


The implementation occurred without any production stop and without any impact on the performances.
All the customer infrastructure was in the scope of the project.
Using Cloudberry, the customer was able to backup 100% of his critical data ( >30TB)  to AWS each day.
Having deployed Cloudberry solution, Finalcad avoided any additional investments to cover its backup needs.