DRP & Replication

You ensure the DRP of your critical applications  thanks to a second computer room or a backup contract with a specialized provider. You’ve experienced the extreme difficulty of keeping up-to-date this DRP in order to make it operational whennecessary and respectful of the RTO and RPO objectives the executives have assigned to you.

You are fully aware of the costs of these duplicate investments (servers, discs, softs but also heavy infrastructural costs such as rooms, electricity, air conditioning…) for an hypothetical need.. In an ideal world your management would prefer limited ongoing operating costs even if it means significant activation costs if something exceptional occurs.

Finally, you are painfully aware of the inherent rigidity of these solutions and how  difficult it is to adjust them to the evolution of your business. Rooms can’t easily be resized. The lengths of commitment, of leases or of amortizations can’t easily be revised. The implementation or decommissioning periods are difficult to reduce.

Faced with these challenges, the Cloud has the perfect features for the DRP and Gekko helps you use them.

Scalability and pay-as-you-go for a consistently up-to-date solution and a smaller operating budget

At any moment you can adjust – upwards or downwards – the area you want to rescue by backing it up in the Cloud. Thus your solution is always up-to-date. You only need storage, some services and software licenses because producing is only used  during tests or  real time assistance. Your operating budget is therefore much smaller than with a conventional solution and this way we can guarantee a ROI within 18 month for all our projects – despite the build effort.

Expert in these projects, we have experience in deploying in both in AWS and in IBM Bluemix environments and have  tested many replication software solutions there. We are for instance partners (distribution and support) of Cloudendure in France – they are one of the most robust replication companies in the AWS world.

Recovery automation and orchestration for guaranteed RTO / RPO

The standardization specific to cloud environments and the wealth of DevOps automation tools enable us to further implement your recovery. We organize the scripts which will orchestrate the deployment of environments and services necessary for  your recovery. In a conventional environment, the bulk of the effort  focuses on the restart of infrastructural components  while a cloud-based recovery concentrates on the applications and therefore allows you to make business commitments on RTO / RPO. For your project, Gekko brings togetherits unique experience in the buildw of dozens of DRPs and the necessary DevOps expertise  to get the most from the Cloud.

*RTO : Recovery Time Objective / RPO : Recovery Time Objective