Cloud Expense Management

In your company like in many others, at first nobody has really paid attention to the cloud bill… Small budgets, not always in the hands of the IT, and most of the time linked to testing. Basically, you prefer to focus on the major lines in the budget.

However one day this small line become bigger and legitimate questions arise: is it cost-effective, can we do better (improve it), who’s spending what, how to raise the users awareness, how to charge them?

Indeed, the cloud disruption is not only technical but also organizational:

The « self-provisioning » creates a kind of « self-procurement », which is not common in companies so it’s important to supervise it.

The « pay as you go » can quickly be very expensive if the “go” is constant and nobody controls the resources when they are not being used. It can easily happen because of habits when using traditional servers.

The cloud elasticity and especially the autoscale or burst functions enable to absorb peak loads and then to limit the average number of server instances, on condition of using it and not to recreate environment sized according to the peaks.

Broadly speaking, using cloud functions rather than recreating your own services is very financially beneficial but one more time only if you use it. Ex: database back-up and duplication, execution of serverless code.

Cost reporting and cost optimization AWS: Gekko helps you see things more clearly

Reduce, Rightsize, Reserve, Report

The Gekko 4R methodology (Reduce, Rightsize, Reserve, Report) used on AWS accounts regardless their size draws series of measures that can save up to 25% on the bill in the first pass. We help you identify the “zombies” or idling resources, resize the instances or the storage according to the identified needs, get rid of the legacy instances, maximize all the possibilities offered by the AWS pricing model (reserved instance) and initiate a virtuous circle with the users thanks to the personalized dashboards. Knowing AWS technical possibilities as well as the financial subtleties, our consultant’s help you demonstrate the value of the business case of your cloud project and create new budgets due to these savings.

An approach with tools

We studied the main tools in the market (AWS Trusted Advisor, Cloudability, Cloudcheckr, Cloudhealth etc..). We are very clear about it. We know in which cases they are appropriate and we are their distributor and integrator in France, in order to set them up in your environment.

We also can make available our own platform to our clients accessible within SaaS (based on Cloudchecker). This means you can daily access all the dashboards, alerts and recommendations required to properly manage your AWS accounts.