Bonduelle is a French company specialized in vegetables’ industrial transformation. For more than 70 years, Bonduelle has been growing quickly and regularly within the tinned and frozen vegetables industry.
Their products are distributed through classical distribution channels (hypermarkets, mini-markets…) and through away-from-home catering channels (restaurants, collective restauration, school kitchens, company restaurants…).
Including 54 industrial sites, 11 000 employees and a presence in 100 countries, Bonduelle is now a world leader in the ready-to-use vegetables sector.



As Bonduelle already had a complex IT infrasctructure, the main assignment of the project was to migrate critical applications to the AWS cloud.
The challenge of this mission was to “cloudify” the existing applications without using a “lift and shift” method, which would allow the IT team to start with clean versions of their applications and databases, documented and optimized for a cloud environment.
The AWS IT infrastructure manager wished to implement an automatized environment for a quick report in case of a critical application failure.
In practical terms, the main objectives of this mission are :

  • Total migration (with time) of existing applications to AWS
  • Environment optimization as part of Disaster Recovery (via Terraform)
  • Total and incremental backup of the applications and critical databases on AWS Cloud


Bonduelle has asked Gekko and their team of engineers to help them migrate and find an effective backup tool. We chose “CloudBerry Online Backup” platform after a PoC and several satisfied customers.

The customer was already aware of the cloud benefits : cost reductions (pay as you go), optimization (instance types usage) and quick report in case of service failure so he just needed our help to realize this project.
The PoC Cloudberry had been successful as part of an incremental backup (even in the moment for databases), so we were able to implement quickly the solution which was very stable on the involved instances.

The environment optimization work via automatic starting scripts (workhours via Lambda) and “Terraformization” have also been conclusive.


Bonduelle keeps on working with migrated, optimized and documented applications thanks to the migration to production of critical applications, databases and ressources standardisation.

In just a few months, we have been able to implement :

  • Infrastructure
  • Standardized AWS
  • Migration of a few critical applications
  • Backup of the whole AWS environment thanks to Cloudberry
  • “Terraform” of all the existing applications as part of a possible DR
  • Optimization of non critical instances with start-up scripts during working hours for each country