AWS Public Sector Partner Program

The digital platforms were already the main communication channel between the administrations and the Public Service Users before the Covid19 pandemic. The forced lockdowns have then been accelerating the digital transformations everywhere in the Public Sector.

We believe that AWS offers the perfect services in the Cloud to meet the new challenges of the Public Sector :

Simplification of Public Service User Experience

Direct digital channels are becoming extremely popular in the public sector because they save a lot time for both the users and the administration officers. However, not all administrations have evolved at the same pace and as an example, the services of the town halls or the police services typically have to catchup other administrations in terms of digitalization. AWS offers a broad range of services to build and manage digital channels in an agile way and thus be responsive to the new public expectations.

AWS Services :

  • Build applications : Compute (AWS EC2, AWS Lambda), Storage (AWS S3), Database (AWS RDS, AWS DynamoDB), Application Integration
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment : AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild, …
  • Front-end Web & Mobile : AWS Amplify
  • Media Services : AWS Kinesis

Continuity of Public Service

The high level of reliability of AWS Infrastructures spread across the multiple datacenters has for long ensured the continuity of any IT Services. The scalability offered by AWS is also key to the continuity of Public Service and is gamechanger when you have to setup in a few days/weeks new services that will serve thousands or millions of Public Service users. And for administration officers, enabling teleworking measures is key during such crisis.

AWS Services :

  • Scaling services : AutoScaling Groups + Elastic Load Balancer, Containers and Serverless Architectures
  • Disaster Recovery : AWS CloudEndure
  • End user remote computing : AWS Workspaces
  • Contact Center : AWS Connect
  • Video Conferencing : AWS Chime

Data Protection

The Public Sector is highly regulated and especially sensitive to the sovereignty and security of its data. AWS offers multiple technical answers to implement and enforce the laws, especially the GDPR rules. AWS can guarantee that your data will always stay in a specific country and will be backed up only in datacenters in this country. Keeping the trust of the Public Service users is key and no compromise shall ever be made regarding data protection.

AWS Services :

  • Data Encryption : AWS KMS, AWS CloudHSM
  • Data Privacy : AWS Macie
  • Security : AWS Security Hub
  • Identity : AWS IAM


Innovations are also key to transform the relationship between public service users and administration officers. AWS offers the ability to quicky experiment new channels that will not replace all face-to-face interactions but will rather reinvent them. As an example, Internet of Things may be the next big thing to happen within the Public Sector. On a different note, the need to detect efficiently fraudulent claims has never been so high in the public sector and applications based on Machine Learning can really improve detection capabilities.

AWS Services :

  • Machine Learning : AWS Sagemaker, AWS Fraud Detector
  • Internet of Things : IoT Core, IotGreengrass

If you are an organization within the Public Sector, Gekko part of Accenture is your perfect Partner to discover the value offered by AWS services.
We can help you to assess, plan and execute a tailor-made Journey to the Cloud that will transform your organization.

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Klésia was developing a project called “Ma boussole” aiming at providing guidance, testimonials, local contacts and financial eligibility tools to helpers of people suffering from Alzheimer, Parkinson or stroke.
The demo environment had to be deployed within 2 months. Elasticity and agility were paramount, as far as HDS and GDPR security standards.

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