In an increasingly competitive world,

making the most of  your IT is a major challenge.

Gekko helps you take full advantage of the Cloud

by combining a sharp technical expertise

with a deep knowledge of corporate IT

Build agile, robust, and profitable systems

At Gekko, we see the Cloud as a mean rather than a goal.

Save time and secure your Cloud&DevOps projects.

Use all the skills and  tools of an AWS and IBM Bluemix expert.

DevOps engineer

On-going integration tools, scripting, automation and agility are words that excite you and make you dreamy. You want to work hand in hand with IT developers and feel very drawn to systems and networks.

You want to live the Cloud DevOps experience ?

Cloud architect

You have at least five years’ experience. You enjoy getting to grips with trade needs and turning them into technical designs. Creating robust AND frugal architectures does not frighten you.

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